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Tonight the long awaited Series 9 starts with the episode titled "The Magician's Apprentice". The Doctor and Clare kick off the beginning in style. Be sure to check out the prequel "The Doctor's Meditation". It an entertaining 10min short that give life to a new prequel companion who seems to know or understand The Doctor better then others. It's a little taste of whats to come.
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Jenna Coleman says farewell to Clara and Hello to Queen Victoria

Recently Jenna Coleman made a decision to part ways with her time traveling part as Clara Oswald to move on and take a role playing Queen Victoria in ITV's new drama about the Queen Mum and her 63 year reign. This follows the previous ending series 8 Christmas special in which her departure was also a major facet of the ongoing adventures. However, at during the final stages of filming, there was a change of heart and she signed on to continue with series 9.

Jenna joined Whovian legend in 2012 with her appearance in the series 7 episode "Asylum of the Daleks", which was the beginning of a 3 series story ark for her character's adventures with the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.  Overall Clara will have been in 40 adventures by the end of this newest series. 3 of which were Christmas specials (“The Snowmen”,  “Last Christmas” and “The Time of The Doctor”).

Clara, known as The Impossible Girl, throughout series 7 the mystery of her importance to the Doctor was unraveled (see “The Name of The Doctor”). Being the companion of the moment she was automatically included in the approaching 50th Anniversary episode (“The Day of The Doctor”) which led into the Christmas special “The Time of The Doctor”. The focus of which was the departure of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

After this, Series 8 seemed to be a bit of a struggle at times as Jenna and Peter were both grasping with the changes as well as series writers trying to find a niche for Clara and her relationship with the Doctor and later Danny Pink, a fellow teacher at Coal Hill School who would become much more to her. While the scope of the episodes seemed to oscillate between the new doctor and his coming to terms with his regeneration and Clara trying to decide between a life of adventure and a life with Danny.

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